Heard at Weddings

So it is just around the corner for the next big day.

It gets me excited to know I have the opportunity and the privilege to shoot someone's special day, one of their most important days of their lives. And it's important for me to know I have done well by them

It will be a moment that will fly past them on the (as I can attest to) but the pictures will help them relive it, so long as they are done well. And that's what I always strive to achieve. 

One thing I have always been told I do well is be involved and heard at a wedding. I still do the quiet, sneaky shots of the day, the ones in my mind show the real moments at a wedding. 

Its those times when people need to be organised, the group photos, that my voice is honed in get everyone fully focused on the shot. That's something that is essential for the day, when time is always against you and the party guest are distracted by friends and family. Getting those group shots organised and done can be a pain, but a photographer that can be heard, can be confident enough to be heard, can ensure that the day runs smoothly and......somewhat on time 

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