Me and My Macro

The world of macro photography has been an interest of mine, and of many a photographer. I'm sure every photographer whom has bought themselves a macro lens has instantly shit out into the garden and done the obligatory shot of a lady bird or fly. And I was not going to break that hallowed tradition. 

Still rocking the micro four thirds format, I opted for the Olympus 60mm macro lens. Truthfully my main reason for buying this is because I have my first wedding in May using micro four thirds and I needed that extra reach in my photography. Being able to capture those special moments at a wedding whilst no encroaching on said moment is mightily important and a 60mm lens in MFTs is equivalent reach of a 120mm full frame lens. 

So, my thoughts went straight for a normal 60mm lens, no macro function, which obviously would saved a penny or two, or go for the more expensive Olympus macro. Evidently I went for the Olympus, not just because of a feigning interest in macro, but within the world of wedding photography getting those close ups of jewelery, rings etc are a great addition to the bog standard shots. And the reviews for that lens rave about it. 

From that day forth I have been snapping away, learning as I go and loving every minute of it. Macro is a whole other world and one I'm but scratching the surface of

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