It's all coming up Cathedrals

With my 'actual'  job I'm very lucky to be able to travel to different places of interest, great city's with wonderful subjects for me to take. 

These trips have often taken me to churches and cathedrals in and around the south west, and of course I have taken the opportunity to take pictures of said builds. They are beautiful structures to capture, with amazing stone supports creating interesting shapes, great contrast, drawing your eye all over the picture

Also, and what most people think of as impressive within a church, there are the stain glass windows. I will say I think I need to spend more time discovering how best to capture them. Due to contrast between the light flooding in from the bright outside and the dark interior of the build you usually get either a bleached out window, lacking the colour and definition that's so superb or the interior is so dark along with the window colours being dark as well. Some post production has enabled me to sort some of these issues out, but I still feel it lacks some of the awe you feel when there

This is something that I need to investigate but there is a part of me that thinks it could be because when you're in the place, taking the picture, elements of the location add to the feelings felt about the picture you're wanting to take. A view of a sunset can never truly be captured in a picture, being there adds so much more weight to the way you feel about it. 

But the most impressive element of all of these builds I have found is a part that very few people take time to look at. It's the ceilings. And I've only just started to look at them since taking my camera with me. 

The colours, the art work, the craftsmanship, they're just marvellous. And I love how very few people take the time to look up at them. It's like a secret part of the building that nobody else knows about, just me. 

And the contrast is always amazing. I get so excited after taking a picture, wanting to get home and see how it fares on the computer. Bit of editing later and, well I feel, I have a wonderful picture. They are simply stunning! 

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