The Way Forward is Mirrorless

The change from DSLR to Micro Four Thirds was a big undertaking for me. I was at a point where I could either continue with the system I had, investing in lenses and upgrading the camera body, or take the opportunity to try out the mirrorless system. If I continued to invest in DSLRs then, my thinking was, I would struggle to justify ever spending money on a mirrorless camera, never getting the chance to see what all the talk was about. Also I'm still very much trying out all aspects of this great art form of photography and was very much interested in street photography, so a small mirrorless camera is perfect to be a bit more unobtrusive whilst out and about. And I also wanted to have my camera with me at all times, so I never miss a shot, and a DSLR is definitely not know as a portable camera. Realising that I didn't have to sell all my kit for my Nikon was a plus, so just the body and kit lens went (for a tidy price I might add). This means that in the future, say if I decided that mirrorless isn't right for me, it wouldn't be a struggle for me to swap back (cost wise). One thing I will say, I currently can't see why I would swap back. I'm absolutely loving my Olympus, and not just because it's a stunning looking camera (part of the reason for the change I'd admit), but just the functionality it has along with its portability. Carrying a camera around with me all day no longer is a back breaking task. Basically what this all boils down to is that I'm happy I made the jump and if anything it has reinvigorated my love and interest in this art form.

#olympus #mirrorless #longexposure

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