Photography is not about what you see, but what you make others see. It is an art form. This is how I try to approach every photo, the heart of each shot. 

Photography is now a passion for lots of people, but for me it goes further then that. It's a fascination, a need to investigate and explore the art of photography. I want to get better at it, but mainly I want to find those shots that inspire both myself and others.

All about me

I started my interest in this area and developed my skills when I went to University to study film production. This gave me the knowledge and the skills in both using a digital camera and the editing software. I didn't continue in the film industry but instead moved my interests into photography. 

I am now exploring the different styles of photography, enjoying all elements of this art form. Within this I have found a passion for Wedding photography, enjoying the opportunities that come with being a part of someone's special day. You can check out my wedding page, crafting a package unique to the individual, no matter the budget.


I do corporate work such as location shoots and events, having work for such clients as the Royal College of GPs. 


I am driven by my passion and need to learn. I believe this is reflected in my work on the job and that shown here.


“Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”
Imogen Cunningham

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